Server Software Engineer (FULL TIME)

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Server Software Engineer (FULL TIME)

Job description

Hive Games is an official Minecraft Partner, operating the top Featured Server (measured in DAU) in Minecraft (Bedrock Edition). 


The Hive at a glance:

  • Official Minecraft (Server) Partner
  • Running Minecraft networks since 2013
  • 8M MAU / 3M WAU / 1M DAU
  • Servers in 3 markets (North America, Europe and Asia)
  • Fast-growing team


As a server software engineer, you'll be working on two core parts of the Hive Bedrock network: our Minecraft server software, and when required, our Minecraft Proxy software. Both the server and proxy were designed and developed in-house: they implement the Minecraft Bedrock Protocol, but are completely custom. You'll be working alongside the original creators of the software to add features, fix issues and increase performance. 


Some of the features you'll be working on:


  • Implementing pathfinding (A* algorithm) and other AI for mobs and pets
  • Implementing advanced gameplay features (enchanting)
  • Implementing advanced block and world functionality (growth, redstone)
  • Improving physics (blockstates, bounding boxes) 


This is a full time remote job. Applicants from United Kingdom and Western Europe are preferred due to their respective timezones.


This is a contractor position. There is an opportunity for full time employment, but this is not guaranteed.

Job requirements

  • High level knowledge of Java
  • At least basic knowledge of C++
  • Experience with Netty
  • Optionally, experience with RakNet
  • Experience implementing game protocols (Minecraft or others)
  • Experience in 3D math (vector)
  • Able to write clean code that runs well at enormous scale